OzNet Systems have partnered with Document Logistix to provide document management solutions to our attorney clients. The software is designed specifically for law firms, DLX solutions are used by tens of thousands of law firms around the world every day to manage their busy practices.

Attorneys are turning to electronic technology and digital document management to implement best practice recommendations to manage their case files digitally. Document Logistix has been a leader in the field of electronic document management in law enforcement and legal case proceedings for many years.

OzNet Systems in partnership with Document Logistix presents a software, which includes an e-Discovery solution, enables all parties involved in a legal case to access all legal case files. Evidence may take the form of documents, photographs, audio tapes and video recordings. The system provides a full audit trail of who has accessed case evidence. The system facilitates full disclosure and can be configured to meet your agencies security requirements. Common functionality includes:

  • Store any content: Audio, Video, email, photo’s, document’s, etc
  • Bulk Photo/Document Upload with OCR technology
  • provide better client service
  • Full Text Search/OCR
  • Security and Permissions to dictate access to sensitive case/information
  • Web Based or On-Premise Installations
  • Auto-Email Notification for new evidence/discovery
  • reduce your risk

Designed for lawyers, DLX understands what you need to do and helps you do it. And it helps you get paid for it.

For more information on how OzNet Systems can help you implement this solution, please contact us at 626-600-4050

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