Document Management

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The right Document Management Software for your business.

Document Logistix creates document management solutions that help to eliminate the use of paper, improve records management, and automate business processes. 

Many organizations, small or big, regardless of industry require the need to manage their business records better than what they’re doing currently.  Most of the time our clients come from a similar starting point:  Whether that be paper based with filing cabinets, storing documents on a server, or a combination of the two, the need for a single source of the truth is not unique. What is unique, is that every business has their own way of doing things.  

Regardless of where you are currently, document management provides a digital repository to store all of your records and manage your business processes. 

Scan documents directly into the digital repository or use Automated Intelligence and Machine Learning to automatically file documents for you.

Integration with business applications is possible with API’s. 

Cloud-based document management takes it a step further by providing a secure cloud-based platform, hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud environment.  This provides you with access to documents quickly from anywhere.