Environmental Laggard

"Earth buster"

Mother Earth is obviously not your best friend. In fact, you don’t see what all of the tree-hugging hoopla is all about anyway. Your idea of recycling is dumping everything into the garbage and letting the less fortunate sort through it. You like to call your behavior philanthropic. Any talk of reducing your impact on the environment makes your eyelids very heavy- “Borrrring”- you think, all while flashing your teeth whitened smile. Obviously, people like Al Gore would not be one of your favorite dinner buddies. Long luxurious bubble baths in your oversized tub are the norm as well as running the washing machine in the afternoon. Oops! You don’t do chores. Based upon your lack of caring and concern for the environment, you can expect to come back in your second-life as a fly swatter. Seriously, just a few earth-friendly changes in your behavior each day will go a long way in helping the environment. Who knows? The eco-gods just may grant you a second chance in the afterlife.